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Tell Us About Your Favorite Indie Haunts and Win a Book

by lafferty on September 24, 2009

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L.A. Banks, Janice Gable-Bashman and Don Lafferty at Doylestown Book Shop The next time you think about buying a book, we hope you’ll remember the great times we’ve had at our local indie bookstores, and you’ll go the extra mile to find one in your neighborhood.

We want you to introduce yourself to the owners so you can see how they genuinely want to know you better. They want to know what you’re into, so next time you come in, they’re more likely to have the books you want to read, and tip you off to books and authors you might never have otherwise discovered.

@betweenbooks Indies have a say in the books they put on the shelf. Indies talk to each other and share their own reader and staff recommendations, based on real people telling them what they like. Indies run events like nobody’s business, with pirates and vampires and food and fun.

We want you to see how the experience becomes better every time.

In the spirit of the season, we want you to tell us about the Indie Bookstores you haunt and why. Many of you guys can’t make it to these parties, so we’re going to give you an easy way to honor your local indie bookstore, while piling up chances to win a signed copy of a Liars club author’s book. We’ll even throw in a reusable, canvas, Philly Liars Club book tote.

One lucky contestant will win all ten signed Liars Club books.@ClintonBooks

Complete contest rules will follow, but here’s the bottom line: We want you to get to know your local indie bookseller better.

If it means visiting their website, that’s friggin’ awesome. Give us that link and you’re in the game.

If it means going ten or fifteen minutes out of your way, and maybe hunting down some parking, I think you’ll find it’s worth the time. Snap a shady picture and send us the link. You’re in the game.

If you’re a blogger looking for something green, or good, or neighborhood-y to write about, here’s your chance. Send us the link, and you’re in the game.

Which Indie bookstores do you haunt? Which ones haunt you? Tick, tock. Tick, tock...

Tell us between now and the stoke of midnight on Halloween, and everybody wins.

I ain’t lyin’.

Click here for complete contest rules: My Favorite Indie Haunts Book Giveaway Rules

– Lafferty


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