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by Marie Lamba

Through a series of posts, we at the Liars Club have been telling the truth, as best as we can, about some Burning Questions on writing and publishing.  Here are links to this series.  We hope some writers find the posts helpful…honest!

Burning Question #1: What is the one thing you wish you knew before you published your first book or article?

What they Wish They Knew…that Crap Happens – Marie Lamba
8 Easy Ways to Promote your Book Signing, Workshop or Event – Don Lafferty
What I’d Wish I’d Known – Merry Jones
Advice for the Aspiring Writer – Dennis Tafoya
Business Casual, My Ass – Kelly Simmons
What I’d Wish I’d Known – Jon McGoran
We have Met the Commodity and he is us – Keith Strunk
Pitching and Selling your Novel – Jonathan Maberry
What do I Wish I’d Known…or You’re Kidding, Right? – Gregory Frost
Note to My Former Self – Sara Shepard

Burning Question#2: What one marketing tip would you share with a new author?

My One Marketing Tip – Marie Lamba
My One Piece of Marketing Advice – Merry Jones
An Hour of Devotion – Kelly Simmons
Shameless and Proud – Jon McGoran
The Company you Keep – Keith Strunk
Beware the Blog – Dennis Tafoya
Of Course we’re going to Throw Poo at Him – Gregory Frost

Burning Question #3: What is one of the best writing tips you’ve ever gotten?

Can we Talk? – Marie Lamba
Advice that’s Just Right
– Merry Jones
– Kelly Simmons
A Treatise on the Importance of Concise…
– Jon McGoran
Show and Tell – Jon McGoran
Bad as I want to Be – Dennis Tafoya
No Freds Allowed
– Gregory Frost
The Horror, the Horror – Jonathan Maberry
Help Me (or Get the Eff Away from Me)
– Kelly Simmons

Burning Question #4: What one book about writing would you recommend?

It’s a Myth – Marie Lamba
Reading about Writing
– Merry Jones
Learning the Unknowable – Kelly Simmons
Never Listen to Anyone who Says Always about Anything – Jon McGoran
Books about Book Writing – Keith Strunk
This Time it’s Personal – Gregory Frost

Burning Question #5: Mentioning Unmentionables – Thoughts on writing about sex in your work?

Sex and Lies – Marie Lamba
Go Soft on Us – Kelly Simmons
Doing it Write – Merry Jones
How do you Define Good Sex? – Gregory Frost
Is there such a thing as too much good sex? – L.A. Banks
Grown and Sexy – Solomon Jones
The Write Kind of Sex – Keith Strunk

Burning Question #6: Writer’s Block – is it real? How do you break through?

Keep it Flowing – Marie Lamba
Blocking the Angst – Merry Jones
No Block, Just Tackle – Kelly Simmons
BIC – The Literary Aperient – Gregory Frost
Knocking Out Writer’s Block – Solomon Jones
Just do your Work – Keith Strunk

Burning Question #7: Are your relationships affected by your writing?

How Writers Ruin Relationships – Marie Lamba
How Does Writing Affect Your Relationships? – Merry Jones
Partnering with the Creative Person, aka “I’m with Loonie” – Gregory Frost
The Guessing Game – Kelly Simmons
What Relationships? – Jon McGoran
Who said anything about having a life? – Gregory Frost

Burning Question #8: How do you deal with rejection?

Of Misery and Chocolate – Marie Lamba
How do you deal with rejection? – Merry Jones
Do you suck? – Kelly Simmons
Rejection where is thy sting? – Keith Strunk
No, No, a Thousand Times No! – Jon McGoran
Dear Gentlebeing…no thank you – Gregory Frost

Burning Question #9: What’s your writing process?

The Process, Part 1 – Jonathan Maberry
The Process, Part 2
– Jonathan Maberry
To Retreat? Or Not to Retreat? – Kelly Simmons
Alone with Words and Pages – Merry Jones
Writing Process for Literary Slobs – Marie Lamba
Daydreams of Productivity – Keith Strunk
Wait, there’s a process? – Gregory Frost

Burning Question #10: The Writer’s Voice – What is it?

BTW – What is Voice – Merry Jones
Writer’s Voice: Who are you? – Marie Lamba
The Critical Voice – Gregory Frost
You are speaking, but no one hears you – Kelly Simmons

Burning Question #11: How do you create your characters?

They’re Everywhere – Merry Jones
While Folding Towels: Creating Fictional Characters – Marie Lamba
Some Assembly Required – Gregory Frost
Torn from the Headlines! – Kelly Simmons

Burning Question #12: How do fads/trends affect your writing?

Trendy Tales – Kelly Simmons
Writing for a Fad, and Fading Away – Marie Lamba
Tending Not to Trend – Gregory Frost

Burning Question #13: How do you find time to write?

Those who can, must – Gregory Frost
How do you find time to write? – Merry Jones
Anne Tyler and I: Still Just Writing – Marie Lamba
How? When? Where? – Kelly Simmons
How do I find time to write? – L.A. Banks

Burning Question #14: Will ebooks hurt or help novels, writers and writing?

Read any good screens lately? – Kelly Simmons
How will ebooks affect novels, writing and writers? – Merry Jones
Will ebooks hurt the less fortunate? – Marie Lamba
To E or not to E? – Jon McGoran

Burning Question #15: Readers’ most frequently asked questions, answered!

How much do you plan before you write? – Merry Jones
Is this book true? – Marie Lamba
I Feel Like I Know You! – Kelly Simmons
How do you get all that information? – Jonathan Maberry


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Joseph DiFrancesco September 29, 2011 at 9:18 pm


I’ve just completed for fourth book entitled, Gordian Knot, and I’m seeking a new direction for it – success. Been trying agents on AAR. Anyone here have luck with them?

Joseph DiFrancesco November 9, 2011 at 11:01 am

Thanks for the feedback. The response has been overwhelming.

Jon McGoran January 4, 2012 at 11:40 am

Hey Joseph,
Sorry, just saw you comments for some reason. I’ll shoot you an e-mail, but while I think AAR is a good place to start, there are plenty of good agents who do not belong to AAR. Preditors and Editors is a good site to vet agents who are not AAR members, or any agent, for that matter. The standard suggestions are to see who is representing the types of books you are writing, and approach them first. Another tack is to approach agents who have recently changed agencies, been promoted or put out a shingle of their own, as they may be more likely to be open to new authors. And of course, The Guide to Literary Agents is a great resource. Hope this helps!

Joseph DiFrancesco March 2, 2012 at 3:45 pm

Thank you, I had just about given up – lol. P & E has always been a great resource. I’ll have to re-visit.

The best.

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