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Liars Tell Truth at Clinton Book Shop

by lafferty on June 7, 2009

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Clinton Book Shop, 33 Main St., Clinton, NJ ~ 908-735-8811Something unusual is brewing at the Clinton Book Shop, and it involves games, prizes, and a bunch of liars. The Philly Liar’s Club is hosting a party called “Liars Tell the Truth about the Clinton Book Shop,” which will be held at the store, located on 33 Main Street in Clinton, NJ on Saturday, June 20th from 1-3 p.m. This event, which is free and open to the public, features free goodies, a ton of authors, and chances to win prizes that include book bags and signed books. There will even be a story time for kids, featuring an original picture book manuscript read by author Keith Strunk.

The Philly Liar’s Club is a group of professional writers who Philly Liars Clubbasically lie for a living. Visitors to the June 20th celebration will get to play Truth or Lie games for prizes, and will enjoy hanging out with the following Liars:

Bram Stoker award-winner Jonathan Maberry (Patient Zero, St. Martin’s); Young adult author Marie Lamba (What I Meant…, Random House); Debut crime novelist Dennis Tafoya (Dope Thief, St. Martin’s; Mystery author Jon McGoran who writes as D.H. Dublin (Freezer Burn, Berkley); Historical author Keith Strunk (Prallsville Mills and Stockton, Arcadia Publishing Images of America Series); Historical author Keith Strunk (Prallsville Mills and Stockton, Arcadia Publishing Images of America Series), and Social media writer and speaker, Don Lafferty.

So what’s the occasion? “With the rise of online bookselling, and the dominance of big chain bookstores, independent bookstores have been really challenged to stay afloat,” says author Marie Lamba. “We are throwing this party to let everyone know that independents like the Clinton Book Shop offer everything the competition does, plus more. And that we never want to live without them!”

The Clinton Book Shop offers a cozy and intimate shopping experience. But Lamba points out that if you think book orders are limited to what is found on its shelves, you’re mistaken. “By stopping in, calling the store or going to, you can order any title quickly, whether the store stocks it or not.” Special orders usually arrive within two days. “Best of all, by ordering through them you are benefiting a local business, one that offers a unique shopping experience, and that showcases titles you won’t find in any of those megastores.”

Clinton Book Shop manager Rob Dougherty agrees. “We understand that we’re a part of a small town and community. We understand the people that come here and we work hard to meet their needs.” That translates into carrying titles of special interest to patrons. Also, the staff prides itself on knowing its stock inside and out, and that’s why they are especially skilled at recommending books to customers looking for their next read. “I’ve never seen a single customer come back to complain that they didn’t enjoy a book that our staff had hand sold them,” Dougherty says. “That is saying something.”

Other ways the staff caters to its customers includes a loyalty shopper’s discount card, hosting book clubs including “The Politically Incorrect Book Club,” and an array of exciting literary events, including the upcoming nationwide book launch of author Maryann McFadden’s newest novel SO HAPPY TOGETHER (Hyperion) on July 7th.

Even the dogs are at home at the Clinton Book Shop. “This is the only dog-friendly bookshop in New Jersey,” says Dougherty. “We keep dog treats behind the counter, and many pet owners can’t pass our door without their dog dragging them in for a biscuit!”

The bookstore is so connected to the community because for owner Harvey Finkel, Jonathan Maberry and Harvey Finkel Clinton is home.  Finkel, a long-time area resident, has served as a board member of Habitat for Humanity, and, through the store, he has supported local and private schools and contributed to regional non-profits. He is also a founding member of “Hunterdon First,” a newly formed non-profit supporting independently owned and operated businesses throughout the county.  His own store’s entire philosophy is focused on benefiting his community. “That’s why it is so important to buy books from a local independent bookstore,” says Donald Lafferty, a social media guru who specializes in networking. “It’s like one big network. You spend your dollars at the Clinton Book Shop, and your money stays in this community. It’s all connected, and it truly makes a difference right where you live.”

Clinton Book Shop customers are understandably loyal – something that Dougherty especially appreciates. “It’s so cool when customers know what kind of coffee you drink and they bring it for you. And support from our customers during these tough economic times has been great. It means a lot.”

“This town’s unique architecture and independently owned stores are what give Clinton its authentic small-town charm,” says historic author Keith Strunk. “I can’t imagine a place like this filled with chain stores. We hope everyone feels the same and comes to our Liar’s Club party to show the Clinton Book Shop how strongly they support this local gem. It’s going to be a really fun celebration – honest!”

For more information, or to reserve a copy of an author’s book before the event, call the Clinton Book Shop at 908-735-8811.


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