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The Philly Liar’s Club Teams Up With Doylestown Bookshop to Support Indie Booksellers

by lafferty on May 3, 2009

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The Liar’s Club kicked off its Truth Tour at the Doylestown Bookshop yesterday, and while none of us knew quite how it might turn out, I have to admit, it rocked.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to to proprietors Pat and Phil Gerney, who graciously opened their place up to the Philly Liar’s Club where we signed books, told bald-faced lie after lie, gave away some cool stuff, talked to a ton of nice people, and eventually, when a gun was put to our heads, told the truth about independent bookstores.

We talked a lot yesterday about the reasons we were there. I heard words like ‘passion” Liar's Club publicist, Don Lafferty, with Pat and Phil Gerneyand “value”, “choice” and “community”, but owner Pat Gerney said it best when I asked how she came to be an independent bookseller.

“I just had to be around books.” Smiling to her husband, Phil, she added, “We certainly aren’t in this for the money. We do this out of our love for reading, and our love for books. Luckily we have staff who feel the same.”

As the Philly Liar’s Club Truth Tour heads to the Clinton Bookshop for next month’s party, let’s remember, we’re doing this for the fun of it, and yeah, to sell a few books, but the stakes are much higher for our friends running the Indies, and that brings home why we’re really doing this.

Before you click that mouse to buy your next book online, or browse a big box bookseller, remember; you provide value, choice, and independence to your community every time you support your independent bookseller.

You provide the breath and life’s blood of a consumer experience and community resource as seminal and  American as a visit to the local hardware store, deli, or music shop. Support the Indies and you support Choice; choice for yourself and choice for the next generation of readers.

Join the Philly Liar’s Club as we raise awareness for our friends at the Indies. Take an hour this week to reacquaint yourself with a local bookseller, then come back here and tell us about it. We’ll write a feature about your neighborhood book shop, and maybe even throw a party there.

And that’s no lie.


The Philly Liar’s Club Tells the Truth About Independent Bookstores at the Doylestown Bookshop

Photographs by Shannon Lafferty

The Philly Liar’s Club with the staff of the Doylestown Bookshop

Producer Laura Schrock, directs Todd, the star of the canine comedy, It’s Todd’s Show

PATIENT ZERO author, Jonathan Maberry chats with L.A. Banks, author of the Vampire Huntress Legends and her new Crimson Moon series.

Marie Lamba, author of WHAT I MEANT

Author of SHADOWBRIDGE and LORD TOPHET, Gregory Frost

It’s Todd’s Show videographer, Tim McMurtry shoots Philly Poe Guy, Ed Pettit


Kelly Simmons, author of STANDING STILL

Actor and author, Keith Strunk with his book, PRALLSVILLE MILLS AND STOCKTON

Jon McGoran aka D.H. Dublin, author of FREEZER BURN Dennis Tafoya signs his debut novel, DOPE THIEF

L.A. Banks, Big Thrill contributing editor, Janice Gable-Bashman, publicist, Don Lafferty

The Philly Liar’s Club is coming to an Independent Bookstore near you.

Photographs by Shannon Lafferty and can be used with acknowledgment.


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Ruth @ Bookish Ruth May 3, 2009 at 6:39 pm

What a great event! I wish I could have made it up there to see you guys.

Chris Bauer May 3, 2009 at 8:16 pm

Very nicely done, folks. The joint was rockin’.

Jenn Teaford May 20, 2009 at 1:23 pm

It was so nice to see so many faces I haven’t seen in such a long time (not only the Liar’s Club, but also the Bookshop staff)! I thought it was pulled off very nicely and all of you are amazing 🙂

And Jonathan… I’m working on the tattoo pictures 🙂

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