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The Guessing Game

by Simmons on August 16, 2010

in The Writing Life

Burning Question…writing and relationships?

The biggest relationship problem I’ve encountered with my writing is that everyone thinks my characters are based on them. My witty friends swear they are responsible for every witty rejoinder I’ve ever written.   My blond friends think every description of every blond strand is their hair.  (And since all my characters are blond and witty, this debate could go on for years.)

One of my friends even sent me a sweatshirt that says:  “Careful what you tell me.  It might end up in my novel.”

While a certain degree of this is true – most writers use tidbits of dialogue they hear out in the world, no matter who says them—another part of it is wishful thinking.

Who wouldn’t want to believe that they are so beautiful, so witty, so quirky and wholly unique, that their dear friend couldn’t help but immortalize them on the page?  (And as for whether my characters are based on myself, I have to say no.  I always make ‘em younger and hotter.)

Kelly Simmons is the author of Standing Still (Simon & Schuster) and coming in February, The Bird House. Learn more at Kelly’s post is part of an ongoing series in which Liars each chime in on a burning question about publishing.


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