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LIE LIES and more LIES about our New Short Story Anthology

by Merry Jones on September 12, 2011

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Where would we be without lies?

We all depend on receiving them.  And we all tell them.  Who hasn’t tried not to grimace saying, “I love your new hair style,” or “I had a great time–I’ll call you.”  Or, “Dinner was delicious.”  The fact is that lying can be kind: no one wants to hear the truth if it means finding out that they’ve gained weight or gotten wrinkled.   Or horrors–that their child isn’t cute.  Sometimes, in fact, we beg for lies.  No matter how dire life gets, we almost demand to hear someone promise, “Don’t worry. Everything will be all right.”

Lies, without a doubt, are necessary for civilized social interaction.  We rely on them to make us feel good, to help us forget our vulnerabilities and shortcomings.  To ignore the inevitable.  To avoid confronting the unpleasant, even our mortality.

And yet, not all lies are well-intended, much less forgivable.  Some, like infections, begin innocuously but refuse to fade, require more lies to cover them, and more, until they result in a festering boil of falsehood threatening the very being of the liar and/or the person lied to.

These deadly lies are the kinds that bind together the stories of LIAR LIAR, the new anthology (with an introduction by best-selling author Sandra Brown) written by members of the Philadelphia Liars Club. Included are tales by Jonathan Maberry, William Lashner, Keith Strunk, Keith DeCandido, Solomon Jones, Merry Jones, Kelly Simmons, Gregory Frost, Don Lafferty, Marie Lamba, Edward Pettit, Dennis Tafoya and Jon McGoran.

Some of these stories take place in the present; others in the past.  They involve marriages, crimes, gangsters and ghosts.  The characters might be detectives or teenagers, monsters or lovers.  But, though these tales span genres, centuries and continents, each shares one essential element:  At its core, lurks a lie.

And from that lie, as from a seed, something organic grows.  One lie begets another as each story comes alive.

And so, LIAR LIAR is a pack of lies, well told.  And its available as an ebook on Kindle or Nook, or as a paperback.  Portions of the profits from LIAR LIAR will go to literacy organizations (that’s not a lie).

The lies in this anthology might be petty, nasty, destructive and dastardly.  But, like the well-intentioned fibs that reassure and bolster us, they have a higher purpose.  First, with any luck, they will entertain you.  And second, by raising funds through sales, they will help others gain the ability to read.  If that doesn’t justify lying, I don’t know what would.

Merry Jones is not only a contributor to LIAR LIAR; she’s also author of SUMMER SESSION, the Zoe Hayes mysteries (THE NANNY MURDER, THE RIVER KILLINGS, THE DEADLY NEIGHBORS, THE BORROWED AND BLUE MURDERS), humor (including I LOVE HIM BUT…) and non-fiction (including BIRTHMOTHERS…).  Visit her at


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J. Thomas Ross September 12, 2011 at 10:22 pm

I’ve finished the first three stories, and I’m loving it! Helping out a good cause is an added bonus.

Marie Lamba September 23, 2011 at 11:08 am

So glad you’re liking the tales… honest!

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